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Title: Release 0.2.1-svn1082
Post by: Ingar on 2012-01-22 15:33:17
A new release looks like the best way to celebrate the return of our domain name. Project::OSiRiON 0.2.1-svn1082 is now available from the downloads page. This build includes improved lighting, game world updates and single player save games.

Project::OSiRiON 0.2.1-svn1082

- Installation Instructions (


- Linux (32bit & 64bit) (
- Windows (32bit) (
- Windows (64bit) (

For any operating system:
- Game data (


src revision 1082

- Various lighting tweaks and enhancements.
- Added zone ambient color support.
- Added eject cargo dialog.
- Added tractor beam and eject cargo sound effects.
- Added support for saving and loading games in singleplayer.
- Added Material::Decal surface flag to enable polygon offset and alpha testing.
- Added Material::Origin surface flag for func_rotate groups.
- Enabled secondary entity color in the model viewer.
- Fixed the close button on the chat window.
- Cleanup of the main menu code.
- Corrected a bug where setting the jumpgate template radius wouldn't work.
- Corrected a bug where inventory capacity wasn't reset after loading player data.
data revision 788
- new oldlancer model
- new miningprotector model
- new goliath model
- new drake model
- new niobium model
- new jumpgate model
- new decal textures
- new tractor beam sound effect
- removed obsolete orion ship
Title: Release 0.2.1
Post by: Ingar on 2012-01-22 15:41:06
With this release I have decided to adopt a sane version numbering scheme.
The version number will be bumped with every release, and the -svn suffix will be dropped
from announcements
. I'll still add the svn revision to the actual archive filenames.