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Title: Release 0.2.0-svn936
Post by: Ingar on 2011-03-31 17:44:52
Project::OSiRiON Release 0.2.0-svn936 is now available from the downloads page. This build fixes a number of issues with submodel instancing and includes a lot of updates for the game universe, including the latest cool ships from Mega and Supertanker.

There is also the new Project::OSiRiON wiki, eventually it will contain all information about the engine and the official game universe.

Project::OSiRiON Release 0.2.0-svn936 Expanding Molecules

* Downloads (

The linux build should now run properly on Ubuntu and most other linux distros, without the need
to install specific versions of libjpeg and libpng.

I did forget to look into the issue with the ALT-key, so remind me about it for the next build  ;D