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Title: Osirion 0.2.4 Combat Video 2013-01-05
Post by: Thorn on 2013-01-05 23:00:04
A quick fraps recording of tonights combat gameplay testing  ;D

Unfortunately, audio got lost somewhere. I blame fraps. (
Title: Re: Osirion 0.2.4 Combat Video 2012-01-05
Post by: Ingar on 2013-01-05 23:15:45
I was dazzled when I first saw this video, suddenly it all looks like a real game :D
Remember 2010 (  ;D

Things we were talking about and need to be addressed:

- Projectile hitbox size is too small
- Aiming distance problems: aim uses the distance of the currently selected target: if it is too close, projectiles will collide and anihilate.
- Keys to target players only. (x?)

My remarks

- If the currently selected players is off-screen, the target indicator isn't very obvious
- Target indicators might need different colors
- "Third person" view is way too jittery: client interpolation will help, but camera handling needs to be reviewed. There are related problems with aiming in this camera mode
- A camera mode indicator, especially in Free View (Turret View)
- Mount button needs to work like the unmount button
- Fix having to press the respawn button twice