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Title: Release 0.2.5-svn1328
Post by: Ingar on 2013-09-30 00:07:25
With the the summer behind us, a new release might be just the thing to cheer up a misty autumn evening. Release 0.2.5-svn1328, with more space and more particles, is now available from the downloads page.

Project::OSiRiON 0.2.5-svn1328 Particle Probe

The data download is much smaller than the previous release: I converted all PNG sky and planet textures to JPEG. This does not affect SVN.

- Installation Instructions (


- Ubuntu Linux 12 (32bit & 64bit) (
- Windows (32bit) (
- Windows (64bit) (

For any operating system:
- Game data (

- Source code (


src revision 1328
- Replaced the inventory mount button with an in-place mount indicator.
- Binds 'X' key to target other players.
- Improved aiming.
- Major overhaul of the particle system back-end.
- Fixed building with gcc 4.8.
- Use a different cursor for clickable ui elements.
- Show projecile statistics in turret info.
- Added a default armor setting to ship templates.

data revision 999
- Various world updates
- Disabled entity color on laser particles.
- Improved ship engine and weapon particles
- Added weapon slots to a number of ships
- Added neutron weapons
- Added ion weapons
- Better explosion particles.
- Added sky23 to the Hellas system
- Added sky24 to the Kor Telos system.
- Added sky25 for the Camorra system.
- Added sky26 to the Kor Minas system.
- Added sky27 to the Carthagio system.
- Added sky28 to the Praetoria system.
- Updated sky04.
- Updated sky05 (Albion).
- Updated sky10 (Lindblade).
- Updated sky12 (Kiana).
- Added Dagon Tyrant model.
- ADded initial Dagon Manticore model.
- Added a couple Tyson science vessels to anara.
- Added inventory laser weapon models
- Added fire/smoke particles to the colonial factory model (e.g. Kerman refinery).
- Added stars to Oran and Phoenicia and added a jumpgate between the two systems,
- Added a jumpgate between the Praetoria and the Carthagio systems
- Added planet Praetoria and its moon Caesar.
- Updated a number of stars across the galaxy.
- Added solar power arraa to the Carthagio system,
- Added solar unit model.
- Added default armor settings to ship models.
- Improved jumpgate vortex particles.
- Added Port Royal placeholder model.