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News / Welcome to 2015
« Last post by Ingar on 2015-01-01 15:47:28 »
Another year has come and gone, best wishes for 2015 from Project::OSiRiON!

No New Year's resolutions this year, since we tend to forget about those somewhere in the first
weeks of january. In 2015, we just do stuff!

News / Website overhaul
« Last post by Ingar on 2014-08-27 22:25:15 »
After improving the website layout, I dug into the Simple Machines Forum database and conjured up a simple managment system for the website front page: the news section will be generated from the new forum News board. Beyond that, it is just a normal forum board, where members can reply as usual.

The Documentation section of the website still uses the old layout. This is intentional, as explained in the wiki overhaul post.

The advantages of this new system are obvious, the disadvantage is we lose a number of news items that didn't have a corresponding forum post.
News / Wiki overhaul
« Last post by Ingar on 2014-08-25 21:07:04 »
Yesterday, I nuked the wiki database and restored (most of) the articles from backup. This takes care of the remaining spam and reduces the database size considerably. As a bonus, I did some updates to the website layout and the various themes (forum, tracker, wiki). Wiki account creation has been disabled, if you're interested in editing, contact the development team, and they will create an account for you.

The next step is to merge all the game-related information from the website's Documentation section into the wiki,
and replace it with a simple About section. While this is mostly a technical issue, a documention cleanup has been long overdue. Maintaining three sets of documentation (source tree, website and wiki) is too much of a hassle. The wiki should be the master source for documentation and the source tree itself should only contain a README and INSTALL instructions. The website should only offer information about the project itself and link to the approriate wiki articles.
News / Wiki theme restored
« Last post by Ingar on 2013-12-26 18:21:53 »
In today's Defence against the Dark Arts class we study the science of Necromancy. Armed with arcane powers such as HTML, PHP and CSS I completed my first attempt at resurrecting the wiki theme. While not perfect, it is almost usable, and sets out to surpass its previous incarnation.

2013-12-27 Update

I've corrected a number of annoyances and made the skin the default.
News / Re: Release 0.2.6-svn1440
« Last post by Ingar on 2013-12-16 21:12:53 »
List of notable bugs:

- Chat player list does not update on player name change. (Karvajalka)
- We got stuck, this might be the bug where you get stuck in navpoint origin at 0,0,0 which I thought I had fixed. (StalKermit)
- Impulse particles on Dagon ships are too large, one ship turned into green goo. (Lava_Croft)
- Fix aspect on the loading screen image. (Lava_Croft)
- I had a client segfault while playing with give ship/give weapon and having the inventory window open. (Ingar)
- A lot of ships still need collision model, weapon slots and engine specs updates.

News / Re: Release 0.2.6-svn1440
« Last post by StalKermit on 2013-12-16 21:09:02 »
You read my mind :)
The pirates sure don't like you!

Maybe you shouldn't have started shooting their base :P
News / Re: Release 0.2.6-svn1440
« Last post by Ingar on 2013-12-16 21:04:52 »
You read my mind :)
The pirates sure don't like you!
News / Re: Release 0.2.6-svn1440
« Last post by StalKermit on 2013-12-16 20:57:02 »
Some screenshots of today's crazy test:

News / Release 0.2.6-svn1440
« Last post by Ingar on 2013-12-16 19:11:30 »
Last night, I uploaded release 0.2.6-svn1440. This release introduces NPC and reputation support into the world of Project::OSiRiON. Watch out for pirates! Go to the downloads page for the latest downloads.

Project::OSiRiON Release 0.2.6-svn1440 Pirate Edition

- Like the previous release, the data archive uses JPEG files for planet
  and sky textures, greatly reducing the size of the data package.

- The linux build now has most of the dependencies staticly linked into the binary. This should
  greatly increase compatibility. Please report of it works on your distro or not.

- Installation Instructions



- Linux (32bit & 64bit)
- Windows (32bit)
- Windows (64bit)

For any operating system:

- Game data

- Source code


src revision 1440

- Added autopilot goto/dock/formation support.
- Added NPC support.
- Added reputation support.
- Added explosion sound support.
- Added getting hit sound support.
- Improved HUD target indicators.
- Added star coronas to the map.
- Restored light attenuation values.
- Added support for NPC patrol routes.
- Added support for station weapons.
- Added 'wingmen' cheat.
- Added 'explode' cheat.
- Added 'give reputation' cheat.
- Increased beaming distance to 5km.
- Improved ship info.
- Sort ship weapons by location.
- Remove destroyed ships from the physics simulation.
- Nudge ships on launch to prevent spawning inside other objects.
- Support the 'infoname' key in zone ini files.
- Explosion particles bugfixes.
- Improved thrust triggered particle ejectors.
- General build fixes.
- Added --disable-error configure option.
- Added --enable-static-libc configure option.
- Added workaround for the bullet 2.82 compile warning.

data revision 1067

- Added the Dagon system.
- Added the Ashran system,
- Added the Rasheen system,
- Added the Xibalba system,
- Added the Vostok system,
- Added planet Rasheen.
- Added planet Dagon.
- Use sky04 for the Alpha Kosiya system.
- Added sky29 to the Rasheen system.
- Added sky30 to the Kor Glaven system.
- Added sky31 to the Phoenicia system.
- Updated sky28 from the Praetoria system.
- Swapped skies from the Kronenbaden and Hellas systems.
- Introduced phospine gas cargo.
- Added Camorra Syndicate faction.
- Added Praetorian Express courier faction.
- Added Ryu Sengir faction.
- Updated the Antwerp system.
- Updated the Ghant system.
- Updated the Kronenbaden system.
- Updated the Finnmark system.
- Updated Praetorian space.
- Mount weapons on battleship Custodian.
- Added asteroid models.
- JMA ship updates.
- Improved Brisbane medical
- Updated weapon slots on the Matrix and the Raider.
- Added two extra location_cannons to Talon.
- Added turrets to the Goliath.
- Resized the Penchant.
- Updated the Manticore.
- Updated the Avatar.
- Improved engine exhaust particles.
- Replaced jump sound.
- Replaced mount sound.
- Added explosion sounds.
- Added liquor cargo model.
Discussion / NPC Combat video 2013-11-23
« Last post by Ingar on 2013-11-23 18:27:12 »
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