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Author Topic: Collision models  (Read 1864 times)
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« on: 2011-02-08 17:16:50 »

The latest commits (r904) should finally fix collision models. It was an extremely stupid bug, something like
Triangle(v0, v1, v2); mesh->addTriangle(v0, v1, v1);

Collision models are disabled by default: some quick testing did not reveal any
significant performance impact, but more testing needs to be done
before I decide wether or not to enable it by default.

To enable a collision model, add the complex key to a ship section in ships.ini,
or to an entity or station section in a zone.ini.

You can draw the collision models ingame by setting the r_physics variable. Note that this does not work in multiplayer games, collision models are only loaded server-side.
r_physics 1
Note: Alexandria's collision model is incomplete, I still need to finish it.

OK Space Cadets, prepare to hurtle through the cosmos!
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