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will there be online mode added to game

There is an online mode already in the game.

It's pretty cool.  8)


--- Quote from: DGMurdockIII on 2013-09-15 21:45:45 ---will there be online mode added to game

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Hi DGMurdockIII, thanks for dropping by!

As StalKermit mentioned, multiplayer support is already implemented!
In fact, it is a multiplayer game you can run in singleplayer mode!

There is a testserver running on, clicking the 'Multiplayer' button
in the main menu should take you there. Server browser and master server are still on the TODO list
but you can connect to arbitrary servers manually from the console with 'connect'.

The official server isn't always in sync with the latest download though: it usually tracks
the development version and client might refuse to connect. The client doesn't show a proper error message if the connection fails, that's another TODO.

Current list of notable gameplay features

- around 20 starsystems, you can fly around and use the jumpgates between them
- buying/selling cargo at bases
- buying/selling weapons at bases
- ejecting stuff
- collision (objects and ships)
- equip weapons
- shoot other players.
- dumb mines
- most of the game world can be edited through ini files,
  servers can define their own universe


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