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Factions and Reputation


With factions and reputation implemented the time has come to start thinking about how they should affect gameplay. At the moment, faction reputation is a number between -100 and 100 where NPCs will consider anyone with a reputation smaller than -50 an enemy, and anyone with a reputation larger than 50 an ally.  Enemies will be attacked on sight by ships and stations.

If a player kills an NPC, his reputation for that faction will drop by 5 points. 1 point will be subtracted from each of the faction's allies reputation, and 1 point will be added to each of the faction's enemies reputation. In short, if you kill a ship, his friends won't like it, and his enemies will.

Currently, NPC kills are the only (non-cheating) way to change your reputation, and that's something I like to change in the future. Doing missions for a faction would obviously affect reputation, but that's for the future.

For now, I want to experiment with trade reputation: buying or selling cargo would influence your reputation with your trade partner. This will basically come down to finding the right balance, e.g. 1 reputation point for 1000 units.

Buying powerful weapons and large ships can also be restricted to players with a friendly reputation or, and this brings us to the next point, players belonging to that faction.

Players could be allowed to actually join a faction, restricting them that faction's equipment,
adding more roleplay to the game. Note that if I do add hardcore roleplay features,
I intend to make them optional. I don't like a too restrictive game myself,
but there might be an audience for it.

The current development version gives the player the option to join as pirate or militia. This will just copy the faction reputation to the player reputation. If you join the pirates, militia NPCs will recognize you as such and attack on sight.

The problem is, other players won't see you as such. Obviously, a pirate player should see a militia player as enemy, but that doesn't happen yet.
The good thing is, you can still blow each other to kingdom come.


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