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104clientPlanned FeatureHighImproved inventory menu.Assigned
Task Description

The current inventory menu is too confusing.

- tabs for cargo/weapon/equipment
- show weapon slots
- show mounted weapons inside their slots,
mounting/unmounting a weapon moves it back and forth
between slot and inventory

56clientBug ReportMediumExtremely slow to load.Assigned
Task Description

Windows is extremely slow to load compared to other platforms.

$time ./src/osirion +connect +quit

Linux: 3.3 seconds
Windows: 23.7 seconds

This may be related to the binaries being produced via mingw:

The best solution is to probably use a Visual C++ toolchain for windows binaries.

13clientFeature RequestLowSupport for non us-qwerty keyboard layouts.New
Task Description

Right now the client keyboard input code is hardwired
to a US-QWERTY layout. It should use the native keyboard
layout of the user.

At the same time, the code should be tested for UTF8.

46clientFeature RequestLowFlac SupportNew
Task Description

Adds flac support to osirion.

59clientPlanned FeatureLowImproved map menuIn progress
Task Description

Improved map menu, implement a 'galactic overview'. Provide galactic coordinates for each zone.
- add Info record type for zone info
- add Zone location
- add galactic overview to map
- add Zone::info() to network message
- add Zone::flags()
- add Zone::flags() to network message
- add Zone::location() to network message
- add Zone::color() and use it on the galactic map
- add Zone::color() to network message

- mechanism to request zone map content in multiplayer games
- do not delete client-side ShowOnMap entities in multiplayer games
- show jumpgate links on the galactic map (this requires engine infrastructure)
- mechanism to show only visited places
- map zoom

72clientFeature RequestLowAllow mouse to directly control steering like joystick.New
Task Description

I propose a key bind(toggle) to allow the ship to be steered via the mouse in the same method as the joystick: directly steering based on relative mouse position(locking the cursor in the center of the screen).

97clientBug ReportLowMove default fonts from ui::UI to ui::PAletteAssigned
Task Description

The corrent ui code has default fonts and font size in ui::root().
They have to bo moved to the ui::Palette class and handled like
colors and related settings.

The initial default fonts should be set in the ui::Pallette class.

It might be better to merge ui-style related settings
into a single ui::Stylesheet class and read settings from a .css

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