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43dataRequired MediaMediumModel: Unfinished JumpgateNew
Task Description

Use: The unfinished jumpgates between Finnmark and Kronenbaden.

108dataRequired MediaHighModel: pirate baseNew
Task Description

Pirate base models, to serve as NPC headquarters.
Several generic models are required.

53dataRequired MediaLowModel: Commodity: IronNew
Task Description

Iron commodity model.

48dataRequired MediaLowModel: Commodity: Gate PartsNew
Task Description

Gate Parts commodity model.

71gameRequired MediaHighFaction and Reputation supportIn progress
Task Description

Support for factions and player reputation.

Reputation influences prices, docking rights and NPC hostility.

- trade reputation
- player faction membership

- factions.ini
- faction colors
- faction reputation
- player reputation
- entity faction
- game:: player reputation savegame
- client:: reputation window window: stats refresh + reputation bars
- player reputation network transfer
- entity faction network transfer
- 'give reputation' function
- game:: deny dock on hostile stations
- game:: change reputation if player kills an NPC
- refresh reputation window if player reputation changes

101dataRequired MediaLowDagon Texture SetNew
Task Description

House Dagon needs a set of textures.

77dataRequired MediaLowBetter fontsNew
Task Description

Osirion needs some better fonts besides the ugly monospaced font it uses right now. Perhaps the current font should just be used for the console?

I recommend this font as it's licensed under the CC and doesn't look half bad:

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