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Re: online play
2018-02-03 by Litman


SMF updated to version 1.1.21
2016-10-02 by Ingar

I patched the Simple Machines forum to the latest version in the 1.1.x branch,
hoping this will stop the flood of new spambots we've seen last month.
Release 0.2.8
2016-07-30 by Ingar

Project::OSiRiON 0.2.8 is a minor update with new settings menus as highlight.
Release 0.2.7
2016-07-15 by Ingar

This is the first release based on the source in the git repository. For obvious reasons,
there is no longer an SVN revision in the version number. The game data is now included in
each package, so you no longer need to download two files.
Migrating to git
2016-03-04 by Ingar

We're in the process of migrating the source code and game data repositories from subversion to git. The GitLab application is located at

Update: all repositories have been converted and the website menu now has a link to the GitLab application.
Welcome to 2015
2015-01-01 by Ingar

Another year has come and gone, best wishes for 2015 from Project::OSiRiON!

No New Year's resolutions this year, since we tend to forget about those somewhere in the first
weeks of january. In 2015, we just do stuff!
Website overhaul
2014-08-27 by Ingar

After improving the website layout, I dug into the Simple Machines Forum database and conjured up a simple managment system for the website front page: the news section will be generated from the new forum News board. Beyond that, it is just a normal forum board, where members can reply as usual.
Wiki overhaul
2014-08-25 by Ingar

Yesterday, I nuked the wiki database and restored (most of) the articles from backup. This takes care of the remaining spam and reduces the database size considerably. As a bonus, I did some updates to the website layout and the various themes (forum, tracker, wiki). Wiki account creation has been disabled, if you're interested in editing, contact the development team, and they will create an account for you.
Wiki theme restored
2013-12-26 by Ingar

In today's Defence against the Dark Arts class we study the science of Necromancy. Armed with arcane powers such as HTML, PHP and CSS I completed my first attempt at resurrecting the wiki theme. While not perfect, it is almost usable, and sets out to surpass its previous incarnation.