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Author Topic: Release 0.2.7  (Read 58448 times)


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Release 0.2.7
« on: 2016-07-15 22:56:51 »
This is the first release based on the source in the git repository. For obvious reasons,
there is no longer an SVN revision in the version number. The game data is now included in
each package, so you no longer need to download two files.

Project::OSiRiON Release 0.2.7



- Linux (32bit & 64bit)
- Windows (32bit)
- Windows (64bit)


- Source code
- Game data


engine and game code

- SDL2 support.
- Improved mouse flight controls.
- Improved AI flight controls.
- Added mouse freelook.
- Added support for repairing ships.
- Added support to abandon the current character.
- Added support for default player characters when joining a game.
- Added autopilot and control lock HUD buttons.
- Added support for multi-layer materials.
- Corrected a number of autotools related problems.
- Corrected gcc 5.x related compiler warnings.
- Corrected a compiler warning when buildling without ncurses.
- Corrected a segfault when a ship explodes and ejects a weapon.
- Corrected savegame screenshots on win32.
- Reduced drawing distance to 50km and fx drawing distance to 20km.
- Print a message if the player tries to beam cargo and the cargo hold is full.
- Don't reset thruster while docking.
- Prevent projectiles from hitting the enity that fired it, prevent projectiles from hitting each other.
- Wingmen updates.
- Documentation updates.
- Several bugfixes.


- Documentation updates.
- Added menu options to join a faction when starting a new game.
- Added menu option to abandon the current game.
- Added menu option for keyboard configuration.
- Added HUD buttons for autopilot and control lock.
- Updated Jaguar.
- Update Raider.
- Updated Camel.
- Added planet Carthagio texture.
- Updated Wapperdam depot model.
- Updated the Ghant system.
- Updated Galileo system.
- Updated the Vostok system.
- Added turrets to Helianthos, Gesser and Zavulon bases.
- Added twilight guard faction.
- Material updates.
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Re: Release 0.2.7
« Reply #1 on: 2016-07-15 23:47:32 »
The server is now updated and running as well.
OK Space Cadets, prepare to hurtle through the cosmos!