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2010-11-29Updated many models with patches.Evan Goers converted big engines to patch meshes.Evan Goers cleaned up overlapping patch meshes. converted some structures to patch meshes. got rid of old patch meshes. corrected some missing surfaces. changed cockpit to patch mesh version. got rid of old patch meshes.
2010-11-18Modified some particle scripts to have multiple emitters..Evan Goers
All ship models corrected for recent svn changes regarding rotations. Created brushwork out of most patch meshes to complete model. Added more structure to the model, still work in progress. Completely rebuilt cockpit. Increased width of the overall ship.
2010-11-13Updated Enforcer model.Evan Goers
Wrote some info for the Enforcer. Wrote some technical details for various ships. Changed scales for cruiser, battleship, and capital. Changed some effects on the longbow engine. Gave the P.O.D. a player color engine trail. Gave the Imp and Juggernaut a few more engine effects.
2010-09-21Removed _shiny materials from most surfaces(except for engines/etc).Evan Goers
Tweaked generic_env2 a bit.
2009-08-21Optimized raider.Evan Goers
2009-08-13Improved raider.Evan Goers
2009-08-11Converted some ships to Q3 map format.Evan Goers
Updated some ships to use some patch meshes.
2009-08-03Optimized cantor, alexandria, alexandria_storage, raider, galaxy.Evan Goers
2009-07-31Re-did the glass on shootingstar, avenger, and jupiter.Evan Goers
Changed/added trails on raider, interceptor.
2009-07-30Updated Raider.Evan Goers
2009-07-16Added brown glass shader.Evan Goers
Updated lots of models for the new glass shaders.
2009-06-07Scaled juggernaut down, added Starbase Heliantos to AntwerpStijn Buys
2009-02-08Updated remaining models for new materials.Evan Goers
Removed redundant galaxy model. Added missing "red" and "red_bright" shader.
2009-01-17Updated entities.def, jumpgate, destroyer.Evan Goers
2009-01-15Updated raider, juggernaut.Evan Goers
Recolored scout, interceptor. Reduced poly count of scout, interceptor.
2009-01-13Corrected pirate raider engines.Evan Goers
Updated vector, avenger. Added shootingstar, jupiter.
2009-01-12Fixed juggernaut's epic flame trail.Evan Goers
2009-01-12Updated raider, orion.Evan Goers
Fixed more console warnings.
2008-12-26updated juggernaut exhaust particlesStijn Buys
2008-12-07major reorganizationStijn Buys
2008-11-27pirate ships by OdinStijn Buys