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ID Category Task Type  asc Severity Summary Status Progress
107 editor Bug Report Critical Moving selection fails unless active entity is clicked Assigned 0%
97 client Bug Report Low Move default fonts from ui::UI to ui::PAlette Assigned 0%
96 src Bug Report Medium Problems while docked at another player's ship New 0%
76 render Bug Report Low Patch meshes with texcoords generated from Radiant's 'c... New 0%
74 render Bug Report Low Scene drawing is not skipped when testmodel screen is o... New 0%
56 client Bug Report Medium Extremely slow to load. Assigned 10%
16 core Bug Report Low say doesn't work on dedicated servers. New 0%
9 render Bug Report Low Entity axis transformation is not applied to Cubemap te... New 0%
5 core Bug Report Low 'give ship x' while moving makes player unable to contr... Assigned 0%
3 render Bug Report Low Merged patch mesh points produce bad results on Intel New 0%
103 src Feature Request Low Gunmen Unconfirmed 0%
93 render Feature Request Low Allow currently loaded skybox to be bound as a texture. New 0%
92 src Feature Request Medium Clean up of material, light, flare and particle color ... New 0%
75 render Feature Request Low Fade for strobe lights. New 0%
72 client Feature Request Low Allow mouse to directly control steering like joystick. New 0%
63 src Feature Request Low Port to Raspberry Pi New 0%
60 src Feature Request Low Thrust Point Entities New 0%
46 client Feature Request Low Flac Support New 0%
41 render Feature Request Medium LOD entity keys + Automatic patch LOD New 0%
20 game Feature Request Low Economy New 0%
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