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96srcBug ReportMediumProblems while docked at another player's shipNew
Task Description

The following issues appear if you're docked at another player's ship


- If the host docks a planet or a large base and you launch, you'll spawn inside the planet.
- Space dust isn't rendered if the host moves
- Correct undefinied behaviour if the host gets destroyed, docks should be destroyed as well

- Note: In theory, recursivedocking should work (player A docked at B docked at C),
issues should be resolved accordingly

3renderBug ReportLowMerged patch mesh points produce bad results on IntelNew
Task Description

If multiple patch mesh points are in the same place(like on many windows), certain polygons are lit incorrectly on Intel hardware.

Shot taken from netbook with Intel 945G chipset.

5coreBug ReportLow'give ship x' while moving makes player unable to contr...Assigned
Task Description

At random, if you use 'give ship' while your ship is moving, you can be trapped in a state where you cannot turn or move in any direction. You are still given the new ship, however, and if you use 'give ship' a few more times, you can recover from the problem.

Leaving this as low-priority since 'give ship' is technically a cheat. Setting this as category 'src' because the cause is unknown.

9renderBug ReportLowEntity axis transformation is not applied to Cubemap te...New
Task Description

Symptom: When rotating the ship, cubemap reflections are not rotated in effect, and stay in the default rotation axis.

16coreBug ReportLowsay doesn't work on dedicated servers.New
Task Description

Since the 'say' chat command is now used to chat in the current zone,
it become useless on dedicated servers because the console does
not have a current system.

There are several ways to solve this:
- Have say behave like shout
- Add an extra parameter to say to indicate the zone to chat in
- Provide a way for the console to set the current zone

74renderBug ReportLowScene drawing is not skipped when testmodel screen is o...New
Task Description

If the testmodel window is opened, the current scene is still drawn.

Fixing this would provide quite an optimization.

76renderBug ReportLowPatch meshes with texcoords generated from Radiant's 'c...New
Task Description

For an example of this, take a look at the Talon's main guns.

97clientBug ReportLowMove default fonts from ui::UI to ui::PAletteAssigned
Task Description

The corrent ui code has default fonts and font size in ui::root().
They have to bo moved to the ui::Palette class and handled like
colors and related settings.

The initial default fonts should be set in the ui::Pallette class.

It might be better to merge ui-style related settings
into a single ui::Stylesheet class and read settings from a .css

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