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92srcFeature RequestMediumClean up of material, light, flare and particle color ...New
Task Description

Clean up and homogenize material, light, flare, engine and particle color types and flags.

Those fx can be triggered by engine states (trigger_impulse, trigger_engine, trigger_destroyed, ..)
The color can be set as color_entity, color_entity_second, color_entity_third, color_engine, ...

- review/refactor: lights, flares, materials, and particles should have the some options for
triggers and colortypes.
The parameter names in .map file classes and .material files should be the same

77dataRequired MediaLowBetter fontsNew
Task Description

Osirion needs some better fonts besides the ugly monospaced font it uses right now. Perhaps the current font should just be used for the console?

I recommend this font as it's licensed under the CC and doesn't look half bad:

68srcPlanned FeatureLowAsteroid field supportNew
Task Description

Support for asteroid fields.

72clientFeature RequestLowAllow mouse to directly control steering like joystick.New
Task Description

I propose a key bind(toggle) to allow the ship to be steered via the mouse in the same method as the joystick: directly steering based on relative mouse position(locking the cursor in the center of the screen).

93renderFeature RequestLowAllow currently loaded skybox to be bound as a texture.New
Task Description

We need this in order to clean up the material drawing(specifically the environment mapping section). This could also possibly enable us to use the skybox cubemap for nice reflection effects.

105srcPlanned FeatureLowAdmin commandsNew
Task Description

Implement administrative commands. Players should be able to receive
and 'admin level' enabling them to execute special administrative commands.
Those commands should still be available to the console.

The admin level is unrelated to the in-game player level.

- Implement a core::Player admin level property
- Implement admin command functions (core::Func)
- Implement admin.ini to define admin levels and the commands they have access to
- Add admin commands to handle player admin levels
- Turn existing core administrative commands (kick, mute, ...) into admin commands
- Change existing cheats (give, goto, ..) into admin commands,
have them take a player name as argument (e.g. give ingar credits 1000)
- Combine the 'jump' and 'goto' cheats into a 'teleport' command,
make it work while docked, support teleporting players accross zones
- Add 'nudge' admin command.

103srcFeature RequestLowGunmenUnconfirmed
Task Description

Allow a player to control (some) weapons on another player's ship,
making him a gunman

The details of this idea still need to be worked out.

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