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13clientFeature RequestLowSupport for non us-qwerty keyboard layouts.New
Task Description

Right now the client keyboard input code is hardwired
to a US-QWERTY layout. It should use the native keyboard
layout of the user.

At the same time, the code should be tested for UTF8.

60srcFeature RequestLowThrust Point EntitiesNew
Task Description

For finer control of the ship, thrust points should be defined. Instead of the ship being pushed from its origin point, thrust entities would define where the force against the ship is coming from. This would allow for more realistic control.

If more than one entity is used, the thrust power is split between them, or defined by percentage specifically with entity keys.

17srcPlanned FeatureMediumTractor beam effectNew
Task Description

Implement beam particles for tractoring cargo.

The tracktor beam is currently completely server-side,
this will require additional engine infrastructure or a hack.

Instead of 'beams' a general 'effect' could be created.
It is possible to create an entity holding a model with
a particle system (like projectiles) representing the 'beam-in'
effect (think star trek transporters).

On the other hand, implementing beam style would open the door
for beam weapons.

70srcRequired MediaLowTrading mission supportNew
Task Description

Support for trading missions.

* Transport cargo from A to B type missions

* Emergency transport type missions like in e.g. Railroad Tycoon
- the longer the transport takes, the smaller the earnings (perishable?)
- Influences reputation

64dataRequired MediaLowTsu-Khan Texture SetNew
Task Description

Tsu-Khan needs a set of textures.

24dataPlanned FeatureMediumWeapon ModelsNew
Task Description

Models for cannons and turrets to be used in the trade menu.
The colors used on the model should reflect the projectile color.

Laser: red (civilian)
Blaster: yellow (military)
Ion: light blue (lindblade)
Neutron: green
Metrion: pink

- Proximity mine
- Smart mine

- Laser turret
- Improved laser turret

- Blaster cannon
- Improved blaster cannon
- Blaster turret

- Ion cannon
- Ion turret

- Neutron cannon
- Improved neutron cannon
- Neutron turret
- Improved neutron turret

- Metrion accelerator

- Singularity projector (fires missiles)

- Dumb mine
- Laser cannon
- Improved laser cannon
- Advanced laser cannon

4renderPlanned FeatureLowZ-Fail Stencil ShadowsNew
Task Description

If a real-time shadowing method is to be used, sharp stencil shadows would be more in-line with the game's visual style. It apparently can be done with very little code.

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