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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-25Repositioned weapon slots.Stijn Buys
2014-12-06Updated helianthos model: added dock and turret slots, added collision,Stijn Buys
2014-09-21Removed _shiny materials.Evan Goers
2013-11-24Renamed 'comment' key to 'info'.Stijn Buys
2013-11-11Gave goliath turrets.Evan Goers
2013-10-19Updated a bunch of ships to have engine particles.Evan Goers
2013-09-28Updates engine particles.Stijn Buys
2013-09-15Adds a soalr power arrya to the Carthagio system,Stijn Buys
2013-04-20Added fire/smoke particles to the colonial factory model (e.g. Kerman refinery).Stijn Buys
2013-04-16Added dagon tyrant model.Evan Goers
2013-01-07Added turrets to the Wagon, updated Kronenbaden system trade definitions.Stijn Buys
2013-01-07Optimized tiger_cannon.Evan Goers
2013-01-07Optimized and combined concepts for the lancer cannon.Evan Goers
2013-01-07Added external cannon to the Lancer.Stijn Buys
2013-01-06Updated Tiger cannons,Stijn Buys
2013-01-01Ship updates, support for turrets, welcomed the Lancer as Colonial medium fig...Stijn Buys
2012-12-10Added Tyson science vessel.Evan Goers
2012-12-01Fixed tiger_cannon's lack of a location_cannon.Evan Goers
2012-12-01Fixed oldlancer/lancer cannons.Evan Goers
2012-12-01Moved location_cannons on lancer to lancer_cannon submodel.Evan Goers
2012-11-25Repositioned Tiger gun slots.Stijn Buys
2012-11-25Updated some Colonial ships.Evan Goers
2012-11-23Fix positioning error of a submodel.Evan Goers
2012-11-23Details.Evan Goers
2012-11-23Added some antenna to the goliath.Evan Goers
2012-11-19Re-centered colossus.Evan Goers
2012-11-18Added cannons to the sharkan.Stijn Buys
2012-11-05Optimized pirate windows.Evan Goers
2012-10-29Updated regula collision model.Evan Goers
2012-10-29Completed regula conversion to exact cylinders.Evan Goers
2012-02-21Converted regula tanks to circular cylinders.Evan Goers
2012-02-08Enter the Dagon.Evan Goers
2012-01-23Made ikarus detail lod less harsh.Evan Goers
2012-01-21Gave current decals nicer qer_editorimages.Evan Goers
2012-01-21Fixed some models that used textures that are now decals.Evan Goers
2012-01-21Various details.Evan Goers
2012-01-13Fixed engines.Evan Goers
2012-01-13Merged engine_trail and engine_exhaust.Evan Goers
2012-01-13New "Lancer mkI" model.Evan Goers
2012-01-12Added a light fog effect to alexandria docks.Evan Goers
2011-12-14Added colonial radar submodel to custodian.Evan Goers
2011-10-29Various detailing all around.Evan Goers
2011-10-28More detailed turret002. Evan Goers
2011-10-22cmodel for turret001, turret002, and goliath.Evan Goers
2011-10-22More detail, blinkenlights, guns for goliath.Evan Goers
2011-10-19More detail for the goliath.Evan Goers
2011-10-08Detailed goliath.Evan Goers
2011-10-08New colonial battleship, 'goliath'. Work-in-progress.Evan Goers
2011-09-21Added detail to cantor, converted windows to submodels.Evan Goers
2011-09-21Detailed tiger, added weapons.Evan Goers