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2014-09-21Removed _shiny materials.Evan Goers
2012-02-08Enter the Dagon.Evan Goers
2012-01-21Various details.Evan Goers
2011-05-18Added ringworld easter egg :).Evan Goers
2011-01-06Re-made glass.Evan Goers resized.Evan Goers
2010-11-18Modified some particle scripts to have multiple emitters..Evan Goers
2010-10-22Updated Goers
2010-10-22Updated Goers
2009-08-11Converted some ships to Q3 map format.Evan Goers
2009-07-16Added brown glass shader.Evan Goers
2009-02-16Updated ares.Evan Goers
2009-02-08Updated remaining models for new materials.Evan Goers
2009-02-08Changed to be more generic.Evan Goers
2009-01-29Added ancient ship "ares". WORK-IN-PROGRESS.Evan Goers