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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-15Updated Yserlone, added plasma cannons and turrets.Stijn Buys
2020-07-13Added model for Starbase Yserlone.Stijn Buys
2014-09-21Removed _shiny materials.Evan Goers
2013-11-11Moved location_cannons on talon to wings to prevent self-collision when firing.Evan Goers
2013-10-21Updated and fixed models with particles. Tweaked engine exhaust particles sli...Evan Goers
2013-10-19Updated a bunch of ships to have engine particles.Evan Goers
2013-04-16Added dagon tyrant model.Evan Goers
2012-12-10Updated/optimized pod.Evan Goers
2012-11-14Added weapon slots.Stijn Buys
2012-11-07Detailed motel.Evan Goers
2012-11-07Added Mercenary station "Motel."Evan Goers
2012-02-08Enter the Dagon.Evan Goers
2012-01-21Gave current decals nicer qer_editorimages.Evan Goers
2012-01-21Fixed some models that used textures that are now decals.Evan Goers
2012-01-13Fixed engines.Evan Goers
2012-01-13Merged engine_trail and engine_exhaust.Evan Goers
2011-12-14Removed engine trail from archer engines.Evan Goers
2011-12-14Added colonial radar submodel to custodian.Evan Goers
2011-11-01Detailing all around.Evan Goers
2011-10-23Changed tsukhan glow effect to a new material instead of colors/purple_bright.Evan Goers full cmodel.Evan Goers
2011-07-20Finalized talon texture replacement.Evan Goers
2011-07-20Gave various models new textures.Evan Goers
2011-02-09ships.ini: enabled collision model on ships that have them.Evan Goers gave the cockpit a cage.Evan Goers
2010-12-29CModels.Evan Goers added CModel.Evan Goers
2010-12-24Added CModels.Evan Goers added a CModel.Evan Goers changed some parts to patches.Evan Goers
2010-12-02Rebuilt Archer/Longbow cockpit submodel. Adjusted for new cockpit.Evan Goers
2010-11-29Major fixes to most archer components.Evan Goers
2010-11-29Updated many models with patches.Evan Goers converted big engines to patch meshes.Evan Goers converted majority of structure into patch meshes.Evan Goers
2010-11-18Modified some particle scripts to have multiple emitters..Evan Goers
2010-11-14Various cosmetic changes to some models.Evan Goers
2010-11-13Updated Enforcer model.Evan Goers
2010-11-11Changed engine effects on various models.Evan Goers
2010-10-20Edited some ships.Evan Goers
2010-09-22Fixed an issue with the Jupiter freighter.Evan Goers
2010-09-21Removed _shiny materials from most surfaces(except for engines/etc).Evan Goers
2010-03-17Updated talon.Evan Goers
2009-11-16Updated talon.Evan Goers
2009-09-05Updated talon, avenger_engine.Evan Goers
2009-08-21Increased generic_env.png resolution.Evan Goers
2009-08-18Updated a bunch of ships for envmaps.Evan Goers
2009-08-18Updated talon.Evan Goers
2009-08-15Optimized pod, orion.Evan Goers
2009-08-14Updated archer, longbow.Evan Goers