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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-04Corrected a compiler warning when buildling without ncurses, reported by mega.Stijn Buys
2013-12-15Added --enable-static-libc option to the configure script,Stijn Buys
2012-11-18Corrected dedicated server log timestamp issues.Stijn Buys
2012-11-18Log dedicated server console messages to server.log,Stijn Buys
2012-10-10Use KiB in the dedicated server network statistics.Stijn Buys
2011-07-22Make the windows build happy again.Stijn Buys
2011-05-31Removed a forced recalculateLocalAabb for compound shapes, Stijn Buys
2011-05-11Review of the main loop timer, converted timers from float to unsigned long,Stijn Buys
2011-05-09Refactored the sys::localtime routines.Stijn Buys
2011-05-07Removed a number of unused variables to make gcc 4.6 happy.Stijn Buys
2011-02-16Align the clock on the dedicated serer console with the console timestamps,Stijn Buys
2011-02-09added sv_collisionmargin Cvar and applied the value to mesh collisions,Stijn Buys
2011-02-04Made time(), timestamp() and related methods non-virtual, corrects a crash whenStijn Buys
2010-11-16cleaned up autoconf/automake project files, this should solve build order and...Stijn Buys
2009-11-15added core::Info id, changed network info message, updated entity network mes...Stijn Buys
2009-08-18astyle cleanup, corrects not loading of material texturesStijn Buys
2009-02-24Replaced 'The Osirion Project' with 'Project::OSiRioN' in messages,Stijn Buys
2009-01-25fix dedicated server chat messagesStijn Buys
2009-01-25header sanitizingStijn Buys
2008-11-29curses tweaksStijn Buys
2008-11-29updated dedicated server curses consoleStijn Buys
2008-11-12update ncurses console on new messagesStijn Buys
2008-11-11cleanupsStijn Buys
2008-11-08finalized renaming from server namespace to dedicatedStijn Buys
2008-11-08renamed server.h to dedicated.hStijn Buys
2008-11-08renamed to dedicated.hStijn Buys
2008-11-08renaming server namespace to dedicatedStijn Buys