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There are packages with development builds available to serve as a platform for developers and contributors, or for those who are just curious about the current state of affairs.

The packages are usually lagging somewhat behind on actual development. If you feel courageous you can clone the git repository with the latest and greatest development revision and build your own binaries.

Installing the latest release

The quickest and easiest way to install Project::OSiRiON is by downloading the most recent development release. In general, you only need to download the release package and run the program.


Download the release package: there's a package for 32-bit windows and a package for 64-bit windows, you only need to download one of them. If you don't know which one to pick, the 32-bit is a safe choice, as it will also work on 64-bit windows systems.

Unzip the package to an aproriate location, a new folder will automaticaly be created.

Run Osirion.exe to start the game.


To run the game, you need a working OpenGL installation and the SDL and openal-soft libraries. Most likely, you already have these installed on your system. The package contains binaries for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Extract the package to a suitable location, for example, /usr/local/games. A new directory called osirion-version-linux will automaticaly be created, the actual directory name depends on the version number.

 cd /usr/local/games
 tar jxvf /where/you/downloaded/osirion-latest-linux.tar.bz2
 cd osirion-version-linux

To run the 32-bit version:


To run the 64-bit version:


Building Prerequisites

To build Project::OSiRiON from source code you need a working C++ compiler and have the necessary libraries and header files installed. The official binaries are compiled with gcc on linux, and mingw on windows.


The following packages are required to build the the dedicated server:

Additionally, the client requires:

You will also need gcc, GNU make, automake and libtool.

Building on Debian

To build the game on Debian-based distributions, you can install the required tools and dependencies by running the following commands (As root) in a terminal window:

 apt-get install build-essential autoconf automake libtool libjpeg-dev libpng12-dev libvorbis-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libopenal-dev libsdl2-dev libbullet-dev

Building on Windows

You can build the game on windows using an MSYS2 environment. You can find more information on the MSyS2 homepage.

Building from source code

Obtaining the source code

You can get the latest source code from the git repository:

Use the git command line tool to clone the repository:

 git clone osirion

Enter the new subdirectory:

 cd osirion

You can also download the source code package from the website:

 tar jxf osirion-latest-src.tar.bz2
 cd osirion

Obtaining the game data

Get the latest game data from the git repository:

The following command will clone the gama data into the data subdirectory:

 git clone data

You can also download the game data from the website:


The data subdirectory should be inside the osirion directory, you can check if it's there:

 ls -l data

Configuring the source code

If you cloned the git repository you need to create the configure script:

 autoreconf -i

Run the script to configure the source code:


If you only want to build the dedicated server:

  ./configure --without-client 

To build a portable dedicated server:

./configure --without-client --enable-static-bullet --enable-static-stdlib --without-curses

Use the --help option to get a list of all available options:

 ./configure --help

Building the binaries

Compile the source code:


The binaries will be built in the src subdirectory of the main distribution.

Important: make install is not supported. Results are unpredictable.


The client and the dedicated server will look for game data in the data subdirectory of the current working directory. Since the binaries have been built in the src subdirectory, you will have start them with the src/ prefix.

To start the client:


If the client opens a new window and immediatly close it again, it probably could not find the game data and exited. Check your installation.

To start the dedicated server:


If you are using windows, the binaries will be called osirion.exe and osiriond.exe.


If you cloned the git repository to build the game, there is no need to re-download the entire distribution when there are updates available. You can update your local copy and rebuild it.

Update the source code:

 cd osirion
 make clean
 git pull

Update the game data:

 cd data
 git pull
 cd .. 

Build the binaries again:


Source data

There is a seperate repository with files that are used to create game data. These files include blender models, gimp files and scalable vector graphics. You do not need these of you just want to try the game or run a dedicated server, but they can be of interest to contributers.

To clone the source data git repository:

 git clone data-src