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Author Topic: Release 0.2.2-svn1195  (Read 11036 times)


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Release 0.2.2-svn1195
« on: 2012-11-17 17:09:19 »
As I mentioned on the forum yesterday, a new release has been long overdue. This release is the first step towards working weapons: ships can drop spacemines and fire projectile weapons. While there is no ship damage yet, a ship will be destroyed if it flies into a star or a planet. Project::OSiRiON 0.2.2-svn1195 can be found on the downloads page.

Project::OSiRiON 0.2.2-svn1195

- Installation Instructions


- Ubuntu Linux 12 (32bit & 64bit)
- Windows (32bit)
- Windows (64bit)

For any operating system:
- Game data

- Source code


svn revision 1195

- Added autosave function for singleplayer games.
- Added savegame screenshots.
- Added listview scrollbars.
- Added support for multiple zone lights.
- Added initial support for model weapon slots.
- Added map window preview for selected planets and stars.
- Added galactic overview to the map window
- Added engine support for bullet collision callbacks.
- Added weapon traders.
- Added spacemines proof of concept.
- Added projectile weapons proof of concept.
- Added support for unique items
- Ships are destroyed now when flying into a planet or a star   
- Corrected a bug where sliders and scrollbars didn't work if the widget loses mouse focus.
- Corrected a bug where sounds were played for docked ships.
data revision 855
- Added more skyboxes.
- Added Chimera battleship for House Dagon.
- Added Jormungandr trade cruiser for House Dagon.
- Added Raptor heavy feighter for House Dagon.
- Added jumpgates between Ghant and Warsaw.
- Various new starsystems and updates for existing systems.
- Added weapon trade defintions, updated trade definitions.
- Improved Lindblade Central model.
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