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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-02-01Corrected a number of broken materials.Stijn Buys
2014-09-21Adjusted shininess levels.Evan Goers
2014-09-21Removed _shiny materials.Evan Goers
2014-07-27Restored ui material transparency.Stijn Buys
2014-07-12Changed metal materials to use envmap for shine.Evan Goers
2014-07-09Updated remaining shaders to the new shader file format, by ThornStijn Buys
2014-07-09Updated shaders to the new shader file format.Stijn Buys
2013-11-24Corrected asteroid material.Stijn Buys
2013-11-16Replaced common/ and radiant/ textures with 128x128 PNG versions,Stijn Buys
2013-04-17Updated lasers.Evan Goers
2012-12-01Added muzzle decal.Evan Goers
2012-11-30Added 4 hull_objects models by Karvajalka.Evan Goers
2012-11-25Updated some Colonial ships.Evan Goers
2012-11-07Switched gold model to use an envmap.Evan Goers
2012-11-07Added Mercenary station "Motel."Evan Goers
2012-10-30Updated tsukhan_glow effect, added gorgon to flyable ships.Evan Goers
2012-05-12Various minor fixes.Evan Goers
2012-05-03Collision models for dagon sections.Evan Goers
2012-04-30Added dagon 'raptor' heavy fighter.Evan Goers
2012-02-20Detailed chimera.Evan Goers
2012-02-13New dagon "chimera" battleship.Evan Goers
2012-02-08Enter the Dagon.Evan Goers
2012-01-24Added a second sun to kiana.Evan Goers
2012-01-21Gave current decals nicer qer_editorimages.Evan Goers
2012-01-21Fixed some models that used textures that are now decals.Evan Goers
2012-01-21Various details.Evan Goers
2011-11-20added texture for common/origin, corrected common/origin material parametersStijn Buys
2011-11-01Detailing all around.Evan Goers
2011-10-29Various detailing all around.Evan Goers
2011-10-23Changed tsukhan glow effect to a new material instead of colors/purple_bright.Evan Goers
2011-09-26New ship: drake.Evan Goers
2011-08-11Added diamonds commodity model, enabled in the cargo.ini.Evan Goers
2011-07-30Edited ui colors, added initial ui materials.Stijn Buys
2011-07-26New crystals commodity model.Evan Goers
2011-07-16Add panel_01 and panel_02 textures, update to use these texturesMichael Rodenhurst added more detail.Evan Goers split some parts as submodels, added a docking bay.Evan Goers
2011-03-22ships.ini: tweaked penchant and supertanker stats for balance.Evan Goers
2011-02-16Fixed missing shaders.Evan Goers
2011-02-10Added some details to beamarray.Evan Goers
2011-02-06Gave kuroto textures to pirate ships.Evan Goers
2011-01-21Activate the common/clip material.Stijn Buys
2011-01-12Adding "docking bay" texture. This should be aligned so that the white end is...Cody Jackson more detail.Evan Goers
2011-01-07beamarray*.map: added lights.Evan Goers added some detail and windows.Evan Goers
2011-01-04Converted many window surfaces to patches.Evan Goers
2010-12-21Removed common/hint material, added common/noclip, updated related textures.Stijn Buys
2010-12-08ships.ini: removed archangel, added lancer colonial fighter.Evan Goers fixed patch seams.Evan Goers