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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-12Corrected misleading indentation warnings.Stijn Buys
2014-12-25Corrected a number of const references in the ini stream reader.Stijn Buys
2013-12-15Added --enable-static-libc option to the configure script,Stijn Buys
2013-01-27Added IniStream methods to read Vector2f keys.Stijn Buys
2013-01-19Added IniStream::got_key_vector3f_opt() to read vectors with optional coordin...Stijn Buys
2012-10-13Draw zone colors and background texture on the galactic map.Stijn Buys
2012-02-28Corrected a misnamed #defineStijn Buys
2012-01-15added filesystem::OFileStream class.Stijn Buys
2012-01-09Store filenames only when reading directory content.Stijn Buys
2012-01-07Added class to read filenames from a directory.Stijn Buys
2011-07-10Split the ini file reader into a stream decoder and a file wrapper.Stijn Buys
2011-02-24Applied Thorn's unknown spelling purification patch.Stijn Buys
2010-11-16cleaned up autoconf/automake project files, this should solve build order and...Stijn Buys
2010-10-25directory prefix is no required for ini files, merge ui.ini and menu.iniStijn Buys
2010-09-17Initial inventory loading, ships docking shipsStijn Buys
2009-11-13added core::InfoType, refactored game::ShipModel as core::Info subclass, intr...Stijn Buys
2009-08-18astyle cleanup, corrects not loading of material texturesStijn Buys
2009-02-23Search the location of the binary for the data/ directoryStijn Buys
2009-02-08IniFile::is_open() and IniFile::good() can not be constStijn Buys
2009-02-08changed inifile and map to use filesystem::IFileStreamStijn Buys
2009-02-08added filesystem::FileStreamStijn Buys
2009-01-12fix directory warnings on win32Stijn Buys
2008-12-25Improved list_zone, list_shipsStijn Buys
2008-10-18minor module updatesStijn Buys
2008-10-16various user interface related updatesStijn Buys
2008-10-10adds KeyPress, DevInfo and Stats widgetsStijn Buys
2008-10-06updated inifile APIStijn Buys
2008-09-18fix win32 build and directory creation, use My Games\Stijn Buys
2008-08-23PNG supportStijn Buys
2008-08-23fixes for gcc 4.3.1, added g_develStijn Buys
2008-08-03use 'home' instead of './home' on win32Stijn Buys
2008-08-01initial make install supportStijn Buys
2008-07-28zone supportStijn Buys
2008-05-31fixes zlib compression, infi file parser updatesStijn Buys
2008-05-12console colorsStijn Buys
2008-05-04split map reading from modelsStijn Buys
2008-04-26virtual console::flush()Stijn Buys
2008-03-29read/write files in binary modeStijn Buys
2008-03-26win32 updatesStijn Buys
2008-03-25screenshotsStijn Buys
2008-03-16fixes compilation on soliter, abort dedicated server on errorStijn Buys
2008-03-15fixes compile error with gcc 4.1.2 (20061115)Stijn Buys
2008-03-09fixed sphere black hole, added basic HUD with speed and direction indicator, ...Stijn Buys
2008-03-08compiling with gcc 4.2.3 verifiedStijn Buys
2008-03-08gcc 4.2 fixesStijn Buys
2008-03-08added ships.iniStijn Buys
2008-03-08game reads world.iniStijn Buys
2008-02-08updated filesystem, removed inifile, updated game and tga loaderStijn Buys
2008-02-06minor cleanupsStijn Buys
2008-02-04astyleStijn Buys