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path: root/src/math
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-02-22Fixed foot after shooting it.Stijn Buys
2015-02-22Small optimizations.Stijn Buys
2013-12-15Added --enable-static-libc option to the configure script,Stijn Buys
2013-11-10Workaround for the bullet 2.82 compile warning.Stijn Buys
2013-01-20Made the math::randomf() method inline, added a ranged variant.Stijn Buys
2012-12-30Added math::Axis::rotate() variant.Stijn Buys
2012-12-24Improved off-screen HUD target indicators.Stijn Buys
2012-10-13Minor math::Color cleanup.Stijn Buys
2012-03-04Added comparison operators to math:Vector3f.Stijn Buys
2011-07-03Convert RGB colors in the 0-255 range to 0.0-1.0 when reading clor values fro...Stijn Buys
2011-02-22Removed #include of itself, thanks to ThornStijn Buys
2010-11-28Improved patch mesh surface normals.Stijn Buys
2010-11-26Brute-force patch subdivisionStijn Buys
2010-11-26Read .map patch definitions into model quads (without triangulation)Stijn Buys
2010-11-18Unified radiant angles conversion into a single math::Axis.assign() method, c...Stijn Buys
2010-11-16cleaned up autoconf/automake project files, this should solve build order and...Stijn Buys
2010-11-08fixes crash on jumpgate usage, streamlined keepalive/upkeep frame cycleStijn Buys
2010-11-08moved clear() from game::Game~ to core::GameServer~ (solves FIXME),Stijn Buys
2010-10-17corrects btMatrix3x3 math::Axis conversionStijn Buys
2010-10-17core bullet physics support,Stijn Buys
2010-10-04corrected modelview rotation to radiansStijn Buys
2010-09-20corrected trading inconsistencies, improved trade window, initial slider widgetStijn Buys
2010-09-15updated comments, updated buy menu, info support for map window, added const ...Stijn Buys
2009-08-18astyle cleanup, corrects not loading of material texturesStijn Buys
2009-08-16more constnessStijn Buys
2009-08-11misc_model supportStijn Buys
2008-12-20added Vector2f distance functionsStijn Buys
2008-11-23math::Axis multiplicationStijn Buys
2008-10-12container widgetStijn Buys
2008-10-12libmath API cleanupStijn Buys
2008-10-05vector2f filesStijn Buys
2008-10-05adds vector2f to the math libraryStijn Buys
2008-08-23fixes for gcc 4.3.1, added g_develStijn Buys
2008-08-06improved target drawingStijn Buys
2008-08-01windows wants rand()Stijn Buys
2008-07-31more heisenbugs fixesStijn Buys
2008-07-30select-on-releaseStijn Buys
2008-07-30various minor issues: ESC closing chat, g_autolevelStijn Buys
2008-07-24improved Track viewStijn Buys
2008-07-24primary, secondary, tertiary color renderingStijn Buys
2008-07-23fragment rendererStijn Buys
2008-07-04Second tryStijn Buys
2008-07-04Fixes a function not found compile errorStijn Buys
2008-05-24text_length functions, improved lighting, r_bbox draws bounding boxesStijn Buys
2008-05-14console, camera & interpolationStijn Buys
2008-05-12aux::plural, aux::articleStijn Buys
2008-05-10more interpolation issuesStijn Buys
2008-05-10client-side axis interpolationStijn Buys
2008-05-06client-side frame interpolation: frames and timersStijn Buys
2008-05-04split map reading from modelsStijn Buys