Beta Kosiya system

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Beta Kosiya was a heavily guarded stronghold system, and one of the last systems leading into the Tsu-Khan home star system of Kiana. It can be assumed that it was used for researching new technologies, since it was of major scientific importance to the Tsu-Khan.

Some time ago, the jump point leading to Beta Kosiya from Gamma Kosiya opened without warning and all surrounding objects including the jump gate were sucked into the hyperspace gateway. Technicians were able to shut down the open gateway before the entire system was sucked in, but were unable to determine the state of Beta Kosiya. No new transmissions from Beta Kosiya have been received since.

Only conventional drives or onboard jump drive allows access to Beta Kosiya, but no pilot has ever returned. It is assumed by Tsu-Khan science that the entire system has been wiped from existence by a black hole. Anyone venturing close will detect a massive derelict presumably lost in the black hole's event horizon. Close-up images have never been successfully captured, so no designation has been made for the object.