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The Bringers of Great Knowledge (or more simply, the Bringers) are a mysterious alien civilization mentioned in Tsu-Khan ancient lore. As yet, the human race has not encountered these beings. It is widely speculated that the various massive derelicts discovered in the void used to belong to the Bringers.

To the Tsu-Khan, the Bringers were generous gods of great power and magic. However, when the Kuu-Saar were not satisfied with the gift of space travel, it was apparent that the Bringers had made a dire mistake. They tried to plead with the Kuu-Saar that they were not ready for what lay next, instantaneous travel to any point in the galaxy, but the Kuu-Saar became forceful. The Bringers only shook their heads at the Kuu-Saar, and left.

There has not been any other account of the Bringers since. One theory suggests that the Bringers were not native to the galaxy, and the Kuu-Saar proved to them that life in this galaxy was too selfish and not ready to join them in their enlightenment.