Gamma Kosiya system

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Gamma Kosiya is a heavily guarded stronghold system and is one of the two last systems with jump points leading into the Tsu-Khan capital system, Kiana. Unlike Alpha Kosiya, Gamma Kosiya contains an unstable jump point into Beta Kosiya, which has since been deemed lost.

Gamma Kosiya is a relatively uninteresting system with no useful resources. It is only intended to be a last-mile battlefield before an enemy can gain access to Kiana. Its strategic value is in its vast, dense asteroid field which consists of mildly radioactive rocks ranging from dust particles to boulders less than 10 meters in width. Its high density causes problems for onboard sensors, masking Tsu-Khan positions from radar. The asteroids also make capital ship navigation difficult, if not fatally deadly if shields are depleted. Tsu-Khan military has carved paths through the asteroid field to cause the enemy to move in predetermined directions in order to facilitate ambush. These paths are lined with defense turret systems which are nearly invisible to radar. It is unknown how the Tsu-Khan communicate within this system, if at all.