Ghant system

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Despite its relatively unimportant strategic value, the Ghant system represents the political and economical heartland of the Independent Colonies.


Planet Ghant

Most of this once mineral-rich world's natural resources have been depleted by intensive mining operations, but an extensive terraforming operation is slowly transforming the arid climate into a more hospitable environment. This ongoing process requires regular imports of terraforming equipment and other related technologies.

Alexandria outpost

The Merchants Association has located its headquarters here near planet Ghant, enjoying the favourable fiscal climate of the Independent Colonies. While Alexandria outpost acts as a local hub for commerce and entertainment, it is also a popular transit zone for more shady operations giving rise to the nickname Queen of the Wasteland.

Battleship Custodian

Colonial Militia base.

Regula station

Regula station is a local niobium mining operation, in orbit around planet Seymour.

Kledden base

Pirate base.

Wapperdam depot

Pirate depot.



Mining planet.

Ikarus satellite

Military communications satellite.