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OK Space Cadets, prepare to hurtle through the Cosmos!

So, you have decided to leave your old life behind and explore the universe of Project::OSiRiON? This guide will show you how to take your first steps and teach you the basic skills you need to survive in these new surroundings.

Before you can be allowed to pilot a space ship, make sure you have reviewed the installation instructions to ensure optimal performance of the onboard computer systems. Advanced topics and server operations are covered by the user manual.

Getting Started

File:Main menu.jpg
The Main Menu

When the client has started it will show you the main menu. Click the Start button to start a game, or click the Internet button to connect to the test server.

The Options button will open the options menu where you can customize a number of settings.

When the game has started it will show you the game menu. Click the Join button to join the game, or click the Disconnect button to leave the game and return to the main menu.

File:Key esc.png Later on, you can press esc to return to the main menu.

File:Key console.png You can press ~ at any time to open the command console.

Once you have joined, you will find yourself on Alexandria, a small trading outpost on the edge of the civilized world. You begin the game as the proud owner of a small trading vessel and a modest amount of credits.

You're currently docked at a space station and you're looking at a menu with available actions, but first, we'll take a look at the icons on the top of the screen. These icons are available most of the time and open the game's main information windows.

File:Icon menu.png Menu Opens the main menu
File:Icon launch.png Launch (not visible in space) If you're docked at a planet or space station, you can use this icon to launch your ship into space.
File:Icon dock.png Dock (not visible when docked) In space, you can use this icon to dock with the selected planet or station
File:Icon home.png Home When docked, this icon will return you to the planet or station's main menu
File:Icon inventory.png Inventory Opens the inventory window
File:Icon map.png Map Opens the map window
File:Icon chat.png Chat Opens the chat window

File:Launch.png Click on the launch icon to leave the station and launch into space. The launch button will change into a dock button.

Camera Controls

After launch, you will be at the helm of your spaceship, right outside the space station. Let's take a moment to look around. There are three camera views you can choose from: track (the default mode), cockpit and free.

File:Key v.png Press v to switch to the next view.
File:Key shift.png+File:Key v.png Press shift + v to switch to the previous view.
File:Key div.png Press keypad / to zoom in.
File:Key mul.png Press keypad * to zoom out.

Zoom is disabled in cockpit view.

If the camera is in free view and mouse control is enabled, you can use the mouse to rotate the camera around your ship. If mouse control is disabled, you can activate it by clicking and holding the left mouse button.

File:Spacebar.png Press spacebar to toggle mouse control on or off.

If mouse control is enabled, the mouse pointer will change into a green circle.

Flight Controls

Your spacecraft can be controlled with the mouse and the keyboard. Joystick support is disabled by default but can be enabled from the command console. The keyboard controls can be used in any camera view.

The bar in the lower left of the screen indicates your thruster. Next to it you will find the speed indicator. You can use the mouse scrollwheel to set the level of thrust.

File:Key plus.png Press keypad + to increase thrust.
File:Key min.png Press keypad - to decrease thrust.

File:Key w.png Press w to fire afterburner. File:S.png Press s to reverse engines.
File:Key a.png Press a to strafe left. File:D.png Press d to strafe right.
File:Key r.png Press r to strafe up. File:F.png Press f to strafe down.
File:Key q.png Press q to roll left. File:E.png Press e to roll left.

File:Key 4.png Press keypad 4 to turn left. File:6.png Press keypad 6 to turn right.
File:Key 8.png Press keypad 8 to pitch up. File:2.png Press keypad 2 to pitch down.
File:Key 7.png Press keypad 7 to roll left. File:9.png Press keypad 9 to roll left.

If the camera is in tracking view or cockpit view, you can drag the mouse to turn your spaceship. If mouse control is disabled, click and hold the left mouse button while you drag.

File:Key space.png Press spacebar to toggle mouse control on or off.

Navigation Controls