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2016-07-29Moved 'wingman add' functionality to 'give wingmen',Stijn Buys
2016-07-14Added powersteering to AI flight controls.Stijn Buys
2016-07-14Base steering control values on mouse aim world space location.Stijn Buys
2016-07-12Added asserts to investigate a potential segfault.Stijn Buys
2016-03-25Fixed a bad pointer bug when a ship explodes and ejects a weapon. Thanks to T...Stijn Buys
2015-09-19Corrected a typo in the 'wingmen launch' command.Stijn Buys
2015-02-28Added a repair option to the menu of carriers.Stijn Buys
2015-02-28Added abandon engine function to drop the current character.Stijn Buys
2015-02-08Corrected a bug in the launching code where the axis of the wrong slot was used.Stijn Buys
2015-01-25Added support for default player characters when joining a game.Stijn Buys
2015-01-25Minor header file cleanup,Stijn Buys
2015-01-10Print a message if the player tries to beam cargo and the cargo hold is full.Stijn Buys
2014-12-25Added a core::Level type, added a level attribute to core::Entity and core::I...Stijn Buys
2014-12-25Split zone validation into two phases.Stijn Buys
2014-12-24Don't set thruster to 0 while docking.Stijn Buys
2014-12-24Prevent projectiles from hitting the enity that fired it, prevent projectiles...Stijn Buys
2014-12-22Added 'wingmen recall' engine function to make wingmen dock at a player's car...Stijn Buys
2014-12-22Wingmen will try to repair their ship when not in combat.Stijn Buys
2014-12-22Wingmen will try to repair their ship if the leader has a carrier and health ...Stijn Buys
2014-12-22Prevent wingmen from getting destroyed when you buy a new ship or use the 'g...Stijn Buys
2014-12-16Currected a bug where the waypoint number would always be 1 in error messages...Stijn Buys
2014-12-16Fixed a small bug where the repair messagebox would appear if you were at ful...Stijn Buys
2014-12-16Project::OSiRiON can now be built with Clang, use -Wno-overloaded-virtual.Stijn Buys
2014-12-14Added #include <cassert> where mingw requires it.Stijn Buys
2014-12-13Added repair engine function and the ability to repair ships at bases.Stijn Buys
2014-12-13Use messagebox notifications when buying a ship.Stijn Buys
2014-12-07Implemented messageboxes and the ability for the game module to send them to ...Stijn Buys
2014-12-07Cleanup of the slots code, unified model weapon and dock tags into a single s...Stijn Buys
2014-12-07Use model dock locations when launching from a base,Stijn Buys
2014-12-04Added 'wingmen combat' toggle.Stijn Buys
2014-12-04Corrected an error which prevented wingmen to be nudged correctly while spawn...Stijn Buys
2014-11-23Allow adding faction wingmen.Stijn Buys
2014-11-23Enforce reciprocal reputation.Stijn Buys
2014-11-22Minor reputation check code cleanup.Stijn Buys
2014-11-22Send a message when adding a wingman.Stijn Buys
2014-11-14Corrected a segfault when adding wingmen.Stijn Buys
2014-07-27Added faction reputation information to the list_faction engine function.Stijn Buys
2013-12-15Added --enable-static-libc option to the configure script,Stijn Buys
2013-12-08Make the mingw build happy.Stijn Buys
2013-12-02Increased beaming distance to 5km.Stijn Buys
2013-11-23Play sounds when getting hit.Stijn Buys
2013-11-18Have the autopilot disable impulse druve at 10km from a planet, preventing AI...Stijn Buys
2013-11-12Make the racetrack usable again after the autopilot/autodock update broke it.Stijn Buys
2013-11-12Support for player autopilot terget next to mission target,Stijn Buys
2013-11-12Prevent the 'goto' command from segfaulting on an unknown entity.Stijn Buys
2013-11-11Shorter NPC dock times.Stijn Buys
2013-11-11Show current autopilot target as player mission target on the HUD.Stijn Buys
2013-11-11Small AI combat and autopilot updates.Stijn Buys
2013-11-11Support for station weapons.Stijn Buys
2013-11-10Ignore server-side entities when using 'goto' and added a safety distance and...Stijn Buys