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2016-03-09Removed double trademark notice.Stijn Buys
2016-03-06Updated README to be in sync with the about page on the website.Stijn Buys
2016-03-06Updated README.Stijn Buys
2016-03-05Homogenized documentation files throughout the different projects.Stijn Buys
2013-01-01Corrected version numbering errors, release 0.2.4-svn1282,Stijn Buys
2012-12-30Corrected header of the README to match the other plain text documents.Stijn Buys
2012-11-17build 0.2.2-svn1195Stijn Buys
2009-03-07documentation updatesStijn Buys
2008-10-25updated documentation: game data is now cc-by-sa-3.0Stijn Buys
2008-07-14documentation updatesStijn Buys
2008-07-14moved documentationStijn Buys
2008-07-13skyglobeStijn Buys
2008-07-11(no commit message)Stijn Buys
2008-07-10updated README with supertanker's modelsStijn Buys
2008-06-02keyboard bindsStijn Buys
2008-05-24HelpStijn Buys
2008-05-11brute force line wrappingStijn Buys
2008-05-06client-side frame interpolation: frames and timersStijn Buys
2008-05-01roll controlStijn Buys
2008-04-06mouse controlStijn Buys
2008-03-29documentation updatesStijn Buys
2008-03-27documentation updateStijn Buys
2008-03-24Documentation updateStijn Buys
2008-03-23improved network connection handling, keep alive and time outStijn Buys
2008-03-22Implemented vertex arraysStijn Buys
2008-03-16fixes compilation on soliter, abort dedicated server on errorStijn Buys
2008-03-09Documentation updateStijn Buys
2008-03-03documentation updateStijn Buys
2008-02-21more minor updatesStijn Buys
2008-02-18core redesign, part IIStijn Buys
2008-02-13documentationStijn Buys
2008-02-06Documentation updatesStijn Buys
2008-02-02removed libcommonStijn Buys
2007-11-10project updatesStijn Buys
2007-10-21Documentation updateStijn Buys
2007-10-20Initial import.Stijn Buys