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Roadmap to the official Project::OSiRiON game universe.

The most recent starsystem roadmap can be found here: http://osirion.org/doc/images/roadmap.png


See linked page above for more information on the topic of known races in Project::OSiRiON.

See List of Known Races.


Human Factions

Tsu-Khan Factions

Other Factions


Independent Colonies

An alliance of systems independent from the central planets, protected by the Colonial Militia.

House Lindblade

House Praetoria

House Dagon

  • Ashran
  • Dagon
  • Rasheen
  • Xibalba

Neutral Systems


Worlds destroyed during the Great War.

Dragon Eye nebula

Nebulous area consisting of unclaimed buffer systems between the territories of the Great Houses, generally unsafe area.

Southern Rim

Rogue space.

Tsu-Khan space