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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-01-06Added separate event handlers for mouse button clicks and mouse wheel movement.Stijn Buys
2013-12-15Added --enable-static-libc option to the configure script,Stijn Buys
2011-04-17Initial Ogg Vorbis sounds effect support.Stijn Buys
2010-11-16cleaned up autoconf/automake project files, this should solve build order and...Stijn Buys
2010-11-16added a directory for developer documentationStijn Buys
2009-07-07Initial bullet physics supportStijn Buys
2009-02-23native Framework support on Mac OS XStijn Buys
2008-11-08finalized renaming from server namespace to dedicatedStijn Buys
2008-10-07working button clickStijn Buys
2008-10-06libui updates, support menu .ini filesStijn Buys
2008-10-05interface with ui libraryStijn Buys
2008-09-28intro module groundworksStijn Buys
2008-08-24JPEG screenshotsStijn Buys
2008-08-23PNG supportStijn Buys
2008-07-24primary, secondary, tertiary color renderingStijn Buys
2008-07-02initial server ncurses consoleStijn Buys
2008-06-16fix win32 buildStijn Buys
2008-06-14updated automake project filesStijn Buys
2008-06-14fixed potential camera bug for cnontrolable entities without modelStijn Buys
2008-06-08disable client prediction by default, add --without-client option to configureStijn Buys
2008-05-18win32 build updatesStijn Buys
2008-05-18OpenAL supportStijn Buys
2008-05-12aux::plural, aux::articleStijn Buys
2008-05-03liibmodelStijn Buys
2008-04-09fix dependenciesStijn Buys
2008-04-06mouse grabbing, Cvar and Func infoStijn Buys updates, math::Axis, improved VertexArray, r_arraysizeStijn Buys
2008-03-29win32 iconsStijn Buys
2008-03-26win32 updatesStijn Buys
2008-03-21(no commit message)Stijn Buys
2008-02-19client-to-server connectionStijn Buys
2008-02-14dedicated server accepts incoming connectionsStijn Buys
2008-02-13split client from game moduleStijn Buys
2008-02-03basic client consoleStijn Buys
2008-02-02introduced librenderStijn Buys
2008-02-02removed libcommonStijn Buys
2008-02-02introduced libsysStijn Buys
2008-01-31modular system works nowStijn Buys
2008-01-30accomodate the new modulesStijn Buys
2007-10-21project files updatesStijn Buys
2007-10-20Initial import.Stijn Buys